Saturday, October 6, 2012

On Thursday night Marie and her boyfriend Kyle arrive.  So fun to finally meet this main squeeze of Marie's :).  Nice guy!
On Friday afternoon, Casey and Lisa and their children arrive and set up camp.  We had all made it up for the official family reunion of 2012.  So good to see everyone again!
 The boys played great together.  From left: Trenton, Lucas, James, and Tys.
 There she is!  My darling Dina.
 We had a mini celebration for James who would turn 5 on this trip.  Mom and Dad provided a pinata and some candy  which was a blast!  Unfortunately, I only took video of the pinata and not photos :(  Here, James shows off his gift from Uncle Casey and Aunt Lisa... Nerf guns!
 I thought I had better ride this bike and so I took the boys out for a ride.  I'm incredibly out of shape.  I don't think I was gone 10 minutes and my legs were screaming for mercy.  Jerry did a much better job of taking them to the lake and back, dragging all 3 boys.  My hero :)
 You think they'd be excited to go for a ride!!
And all families come together over food.  Fabulous!!

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