Monday, August 18, 2008

Opa and Oma and their Brood of Grandkids.

Back Row: Michael & Colin
Middle Row: Cheryl, Abby, Yvonne & Daniel
Front Row: Janelle & Samuel on Opa's lap, Cole, Rachelle & Clarissa, with James and Elena on Oma's lap

I just think they're all so very sweet!

Our new niece... Lucky 13 for the Hanemaayer side!

Janelle Maria Hanemaayer. She was born July 23rd. What a darling little girl.
Sisters... sisters... there were never such devoted sisters!!
"Oh, but Mommy, I'm still hungry!!"

James' First Haircut

The hair chopping business started out with relative success...
But things went downhill pretty quick... Poor guy... he's losing his locks!

James and the Battle of the Stairs

James has found the stairs, and it's all I can do to keep him off. And I'm not too worried about his ability to get up the steps, but coming down is another story. Jerry decided to stand by and watch James work it out. I think we're going to have to do a better teaching job, and in the meantime, we'll have to barricade the stairs. Next home we buy... ranch! Proud Papa and son.
Here's a good view of the downward move...
Mr James loves to be outside... maybe because we spend more time inside and it's a great big new world out there! But he loves it... He loves the wind in his face... and he loves to splash in the pool!
Here he is, hanging out in his new ride!
This, my friends, is a feeding trough. No better bib invention see I!
What a ham!

Our Trip to California; May 2008

So it's been a while since I posted anything.. but better late than never, eh? These pictures are from our trip to California this past May. It was a much anticipated trip by all involved. Jerry and I enjoyed a relaxing visit with Mom and Dad Haveman, Marie, great-Grandma Fredericks and more family and more family and friends. It was great!! But I'm not so good with names - smile. It was just wonderful to see everyone again, and we are looking forward to when all you westerners can come out to see us! wink wink! Grampa Haveman finally got to set eyes on his little namesake. And by the size of Grandpa's smile, I think James has stolen a piece of his heart!
James just LOVES animals. He sees a dog and breaks into a big grin and fits of giggles. These cows were the icing on the cake for him. And the cows didn't seem to mind!
James and his Great-Grandma. What a blessing for them to be together!
Oma Haveman and our little man. The smiles say it all!
What an exhausting trip eh? And this is after a good nights sleep! Men...