Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweet Misery

I don't know if there's a storm brewing, or if it's the ill effects of the immunizations Lucas got yesterday...and was somehow able to pass on to James. Maybe we're just horribly lacking in sleep.. hmm... But today was a miserable day. See here the face of misery!

Poor Lucas was not content for anything. AND he only had a one hour nap and refused to sleep longer! (believe me, I tried, but his cries out lasted my resistance). The only good thing here is the little man is presently sleeping soundly at 6pm :)

James, I think, feels a wee bit jealous when Lucas is hanging on my leg. James is also learning to obey, and this is not always a fun thing. Outside, he's a happy man, however. I set out the sprinkler and James loved it! Until, of course, he got too chilled.

Then I switched to the spray nozzle and he helped me wash the car. It's not a perfect job, but at least all the bird poop is gone :)
Now, in the quiet of the evening with James waiting for a story and Jerry offering his hand and much sympathy... I think, the day wasn't so horrible. The boys are sweet darlings, after all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watch out! Here I come!

Little Lucas is getting more and more brave. He walks along furniture and can walk a short while when holding just one hand... but last night Jerry caught him pushing James around the house! Has James got it made or what? And Lucas seems to be proud as a peacock!

A visit from Aunt Vonnie

Aunt Vonnie came to visit for a couple days and arrived on Friday. So we took the opportunity to have cake... so there'd be another helping us to eat it up :) It didn't take the boys long to warm up to Aunt Vonnie with her hearty laugh and fun conversation. She was also more than willing to read stories to James who just LOVES stories! Lucas was happy to join in the fun, though he doesn't sit as well for stories. Thanks to Aunt Vonnie for a wonderful visit! Hope to see you again soon :)

Lucas and his cake

The boys and Aunt Vonnie.

Birthdays are Great... even when they're not yours!

On Wednesday we celebrated Jerry's 32nd birthday by going out for dinner and buying a new mattress. Woohoo! It's a queensize so Jerry can now fully stretch out without his feet hanging off the end :) So he's a happy man and I am too! Now if you decide to come and visit you will have a real mattress to sleep on... so come on down!!
Lucas celebrated his 1st birthday on Thursday with pasta and presents. James helped him to open them all. It is a trying time explaining to James that these are gifts for Lucas, not for James. But new toys are SO fun ;)

Lucas seems to love his new plane...

that James helped him to open and play with ;)

Pasta for dinner! What better meal for a little guy?

Fun with Marc the Shark

More gifts to open. Thanks to all who helped us celebrate and gave gifts... Lucas is enjoying them all... and so is James.

Monday, May 10, 2010

If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!

In our travels we stopped at DeKlomp. Here is the only delft maker in America. They also make wooden shoes in every size you might need :) We treated ourselves to some Dutch sweets we can't get in Crete, and I got a nice coloured delft toothbrush holder :) It goes along with the windmill curtains in my bathroom ;)
We also visited an authentic Dutch windmill that was given to America after WWII for her help to the Allies. Part of the deal was that the mill must be in use... so they have a miller there who was trained in Holland, and they produce flour that you can buy. The other part of the deal was that the mill must be used for educational purposes... so we all got a tour. It was neat! Even got to see the miller give a running start to the blades :) Sorry there's no picture... we obviously aren't great photographers... I've posted all the pictures I've got :)
Check out these shoes to fill!! They are from one big dutchman :)

Lucas just needs a sail and he can fly to the moon :) Remember the nursery rhyme?
"Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod, sailed off in a wooden shoe..."

This is an old carosel, over 100 years old. Jerry and Opa took the boys for a ride, and though Lucas was pretty expressionless, James looked proud as a peacock with his big grin :)

Dutch Dancing at Tulip Time, Holland, Michigan

On Thursday, Jerry, myself and the boys drove up to Holland, MI to meet my parents and see how dutch it really was up there. It was VERY dutch! We walked down 8th street, the main street of Holland, and that's where the Dutch Dancers were lined up for about 5 blocks, or so. There were ALOT of them!

I never knew what dutch dancing was, but now that I do, I think it's pretty neat! The wooden shoes are truly clogs :) Jerry asked a girl selling wooden shoes how long they last. The pair she had on have lasted 2 years and counting, but the girls who do the dancing might go through a pair every couple months, because of cracking. I say girls because I saw only 2 boys from where I was standing. What is it with boys and dancing? Don't they know it turns the ladies on? heehee...

After seeing the dancing, we walked on to the Dutch marketplace. Here we enjoyed some kale stampot with metworst... forgive me if i can't spell in dutch ;) And I was excited to buy some Gouda cheese... best cheese in the world!!!! They also had a guy carving wooden shoes there and all the dutchy souveniers you could want!