Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Little Family

Me and my Love. Doesn't he look extra handsome in his suit?

Is this the best we can get it? Ah well, better luck next time :)

Antoni and Hannah are Wed

On Friday, July 30th, Antoni and Hannah were married at Ball's Falls conservation area in Ontario. The ceremony took place in a small old church and the reception in an old barn that has been cleaned up for various public uses such as weddings and festivals, etc. It was a beautiful wedding and a lovely day. As I watched Angeline and AnneMarie get their little girls all dolled up for the occasion, I reconsidered whether I would really like this next baby to be a girl... boys really are easier! But I think I would ;) The good Lord knows best!
The handsome groom awaits his bride's arrival.

Here comes the happy bride!

My own sweet Mom and Dad. This is where I get my good looks from ;)

Antoni, Hannah and all their nieces and nephews! Sorry to Antoni and Hannah as I'm sure there's better expressions on them in someone elses's photo, but this is the best I got, and I think it's pretty good:)

Antoni, striking his "I'm so important I KNOW you wish you were me" pose.
And for anyone wondering, did you know this suit is the same suit my father wore when he married my mother more than 40 years ago? Crazy, I know.

The bride and groom as they survey the scene... "Wait... where did all these people come from?"

Making their grand entrance to the reception and dancing to the tune of "I like to Move it" from the show Madagascar... silly kids:)

James had a miserable, overly tired start to the wedding. I think my hair would be visibly grayer if I didn't colour it... But by the end of the night, he got his dance groove on and was finally having fun. Perhaps there are just too many "sit still!" comments to be had at a wedding, when all he wants to do is dance :) haha.

A Day at the Carosel

On Wednesday we met up with Annie and children once again for a ride on the carosel. The carosel is old... can't remember how old, and was donated to the city with the condition that the rides must always remain at a nickle a ticket. And so they are! We had a morning of fun for less than a dollar :) We only went around twice, but imagine the possibilities!! They also had a nice park there for the kids to play on, and Lake Ontario was right there too! So Dad and Jerry took the kids for a walk on the sand while us women folk protected the food ;).

James is so stoic at times. This is a rare smile for him on the carosel. Even when you would ask him if he was having fun, he would fight a smile as he nodded yes.

Little Lucas was nervous the first round, but on the second round he was smiling from ear to ear... maybe that's because Jerry was with him on the second round :)

After the carosel, we went to a little museum by one of the Welland Canal locks. Eversince riding in Grampa Haveman's boat last year, James points out every boat with great excitement. In this museum there were LOTS of boats to see and it was great to see James run from exhibit to exhibit exclaiming, "another boat, mom!!" And here he could spin the wheel and adjust the speed... so much fun :)

A Day at the Splashpad

We left for Canada on Saturday the 24th of July and were making great time until, after driving for 1 1/2 hours, Jerry says "Did you remember the passports?". A sick, sinking feeling washed over me as I realized I had not. We therefore had to turn around and get them, causing us to lose 3 hours of time, $30 of gas and 3 hours of little boy sanity. We rolled into my parents drive at 11pm. We actually made it in 9 hours (not counting the 3 we had lost)... our best time yet!
On Sunday it was my Dad's birthday - 68 years ago :). So we celebrated with cake and icecream.
On Monday we went to a splash pad near the lake with AnneMarie, Rosee and their kids. Dad and Jerry came for manly support :) Though timid at first, the boys had lots of fun!
I was definitely chilled by the wind off the lake and it looks like Annie was too! This is us women folk sticking close to the food and observing the kids:)

After drying off, James played with his cousins Samuel and Janelle as they chased the balls around.

Lucas enjoying the water.

James enjoying the water.

Lucas Walks!

I know, I know... this was almost a month ago, but I've been busy! He hasn't walked a whole lot since and every time we encourage him to, he takes maybe 2 steps and then he laughs so much he loses focus and falls. Crazy little man... but he'll be brave soon enough :)