Friday, July 24, 2009

How My Garden Grows

My garden is finally thriving. After 2 years of sorry looking produce, the Lord was merciful and blessed us with a fabulous garden! I'm so excited! This spring, Jerry rented a tiller and plowed up a little plot of land. I was worried because the soil looked terrible! Clay! So he rented a tiller again and tilled in some fertilizer. Feeling a little bit better about this, we set out to plant our seeds. And one last added measure to ensure produce, Jerry build a fence around it to ward off the deer and rabbits. Seems to be working, by the grace of God :).

Lisa gave me the idea to show off my produce, so here goes!

Here are my beans! Note, not a single bite mark. The past 2 years I've only been able to freeze about 1/3 of my produce because the bugs got the rest!

Cucumbers! And there's a tonne more coming... everyone's getting relish for Christmas :).

Beets! Jerry's personal favourite... or not :).

And here's the beginnings of my onions and carrots. I'm so proud of the carrots, because I've never been able to grow them before; I would always weed them before I realize they're carrots :0.

A Visit from Marie!

Marie came out for the weekend just past. It was so good to see her again! We spent one day going to and from a blueberry patch that was incredibly busy (had to have been >400 cars parked there). We decided the berries weren't that good and made our way home empty handed. :)
Then on Saturday we took a drive to the beach. What started out as a cool day, wound up being beautiful! Unfortunately we didn't really dress for the beach because we thought it would be even chillier there and we wouldn't want to stay. Ah well... next time we'll come prepared for any type of weather!

James loved the water; loved to feel it lap his feet and wanted to sit and splash in it. I wish I had brought swim trunks for him as his poor diaper was swollen as big as it would go and his pants were so wet and heavy, they would not stay up. But he had a blast regardless!

James also loved digging in the sand. Marie showed him how to make little castles with an empty Mtn Dew bottle, compliments of Jerry :).

Doesn't he look happy?

A Visit from Grandpa and Grandma Great!

Here's a fun shot of our little Lucas with his sweet little smile.

Grandma Haveman was wonderful with the kiddos, my right hand woman helping to take care of the kiddos. Grandpa wasn't far behind ;)... he was busy for the most part, however, building shelves for the cupboards Dad Haveman and Jerry had built. He also was there to help Jerry replace the transfer case. I'm glad he was, because I would've had NO idea what tools where which when handing them to Jerry :).

Grandpa had a soothing touch for little Lucas and could put him right to sleep.

A great picture! (get it... great... great grandparents... heehee)

Another sweet shot; Grandpa-great and little Lucas.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Hoosier

When we first moved here in September of '08, we went antiqueing with Mom and Dad Haveman. We came home with a hoosier for a deal :). Below is how it looked. Jerry sanded the whole thing down and repainted it all. He even cleaned all the hinges... and they look so much better. I painted a door or two, but Jerry is the one who redid it! As for the rolling door (a tambour, I'm told it's called)... Jerry's dad made a copy of the original door with new wood and it fit perfectly. Didn't they do an awesome job?? This piece will be in my kitchen for many many years! I'm so happy for it:)

A short trip to Canada

Jerry, the boys and I were able to make a short trip up to my family over the long weekend. Finally we were able to get an updated photo of the whole family. It's hard to keep it updated when babies keep arriving ;). Unfortunately, Rosee didn't want to have her photo taken and rather than argue that she is beautiful and we want memories of her also... we got her to be the photographer. She did a great job!

James loved the tractor... future farmer here :).

And here we all are eating and eating (what we do best!) on the back deck.