Thursday, December 30, 2010

Peter's Baptism

 Opa and Oma Hanemaayer came to visit for Peter's baptism and since it was the week before Christmas, we decided to celebrate it a bit.  I made a crown roast which should've cooked a bit longer... but we remedied the situation quickly with the aide of the microwave ;) and the result was delicious!
 Saturday morning we exchanged gifts.  James woke up and when he saw the tree and all it's spread, he stood, stared, and said "presents!!".  Such innocence is darling.
 Peter Jeremiah was baptized on  Sunday, December 19, 2010.  The gown is the same worn by James and Lucas, but my mom and I sewed the cap to go with it for Peter.
 Peter and his proud parents.
Peter with his proud grandparents.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peter Jeremiah Haveman has Arrived!!

 Our little Peter arrived on Sunday, November 28th at 2:07pm.  He weighed in at 7lbs 7ozs and was 20 inches long.  Technically he was due on November 17 and so the doctor convinced me to be induced as I was 11 days over and he doesn't like to go over 7 days.  Peter doesn't look overdue at all... I think the dates were off!

Daddy and his little man...  Peter sure has the Haveman look ;)  Now that Jerry has his 3rd son, he's talking about the BIG shop he needs to build...
I think he's smiling, isn't he?... 
A proud big brother; James has been asking me for the last few weeks "are we going to get a baby mom?".  He'd ask me this when we'd be in the car headed for the store :)  So sweet. 
 Lucas and Peter... Lucas has always loved to have his head rubbed for comfort, and I watch him do the same for Peter.
A break for donuts... It's amazing the leverage one has when we're talking about donuts and cartoons ;)  The boys were well behaved in the hospital room when these were offered!
Marie was a wonderful addition to our family this past weekend!!  She came out for Thanksgiving and cooked us an amazing meal on Black Friday of Turkey, cranberry sauce and vegetables with, of course, a delicious dessert of pie... Mmmm!!!  What a treat :)  Then, she cared for James and Lucas while Peter was born.  A fabulous aunt indeed and what a blessing!
And here's our ever growing family :)  We'll get a better photo later... but this'll be good for now ;)