Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here are a few more shots of our weeks away as seen by Jerry's phone.
 On our first time out fishing, we saw a snake who had better luck at catching a fish than we did.  Look at him try to devour this thing... eww!
 James got up on Oma's chair next to grandpa and laid exactly the same.  When grandpa moved his legs, James did too.  This turned into a game.  Sweet!

 Casey and Jerry!
 Jerry spent one afternoon with his good friend Lance.  Lance works on a dairy and every evening he's busy trucking hay.  Above you see him loading the truck.
 Check out the cows.  Lance informed Jerry that in every barn you see in the photo below is 1,000 cows.  Crazy.  That's WAY bigger than our Canadian dairies!!!

 Above is Lance :)
Below is the view from Jerry as he looks out the window of the truck... you can see the train of hay.

 On another day, we took the kids to Lance's parent's farm. Here they could walk up and pet the cows and feed the chickens.  The dirt on the path around the barns was like "moon dust" (as Jerry called it) and I've never seen the boys more filthy.  When they discovered the dusty phenomenon, they began running back and forth to kick it up more and they took sticks to stir it up.  Rachel (Lance's sister) blew them off with the air compressor just before we left.
 Our real intent in going to this farm was for Jerry to show me the abandoned Plymouth he had his eye on.  What a steal it would be if he could buy it!
Our little cowboy... for the moment, until he decides to be spiderman...

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  1. Ugh... I was very tempted to click on that first picture to see the fish better, but decided against it. Probably for the best for my sleep tonight.