Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A visit from Grandpa and Grandma great

Both James and Lucas love story time.  When somebody arrives who will read to them, this someone is their new best friend.  Here James is telling Grandma how the story should go :)
Jerry helped Grandpa fix the hitch while the boys look on.
Grandpa and Jerry had several little projects to tinker with while Grandpa was here.  Grandpa got his hitch fixed and Jerry got some plumbing fixed.  
Grandpa and Peter
Grandma and Peter.  Grandma was great at keeping all the boys entertained while I made meals, this is the best help of all!!
And to make this the best weekend EVER... Jerry got his parts to complete his truck so he could move it out of the garage and start driving it again. (This is not to say he hasn't got more to do... a man can dream, can't he?)  Before he moved the truck out of the garage, however, he had to let air out of the tires.  Now that's a man-size truck!!
Having fun with the air
Moving on out!!
Grandpa and Jerry and the BIG machine ;)

Grandpa and Grandma and their traveling outfit :)
And we can't forget the fact that Jerry's good friend from Idaho was able to stop by and visit too...  Dirk DeWinkle.  He's busy moving to Michigan where he accepted a position pastoring a church.  Since we were en route, he decided to spend Sunday with us.  A good time was certainly had by all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recent Renovations

 This spring, we were able to finally put a closet in our room (yay!!)  For those of you who've been asking, these photos show what a difference the closet made to our entryway.
Left: mudroom looking into new hallway
Below: looking from hallway into mudroom
Way Below: from kitchen into hallway.
btw... I'm loving the new floor

Latest Creation

Earlier this spring, I made a skirt for my niece, Rachel.  I liked how it turned out so much, that I decided to make another for my niece Elena.  Hopefully it fits her better than the one I made for Rachel :).   Rachel will just have to grow into her's ;)