Monday, February 23, 2009

Boys and their Toys

Jerry and his truck. I wondered if Jerry was more excited to see his friends and family, or his truck. It was a tough call! But I have to admit that it's a fine truck and it's great to see Jerry so excited about it :). I think the fact that it has not sold in almost two years means that he ought to ship it back to us here in the midwest.

Jerry and his men friends... Joe, Nathanial, his look alike, Casey. It was great to see these guys again. The stories they tell of bygone days are absolutely hilarious... or maybe it's just the fact that they laugh themselves silly talking about them. We hope to see them all again sometime soon.

A Trip to the Dynamite Factory

Casey took us to see what he did at his work there in Battle Mountain. He works at a facility where they make the ingredients for dynamite which is then used at the mines in the surrounding areas. I think it's amazing how the acids and chemicals combine with the use of heat, pressure, and cooling to create tiny balls that will eventually blast holes in the earth. It reminded me of a mad scientists lab... on a larger scale, of course ;)
Jerry and Casey... and just so you can tell them apart, Jerry is wearing blue and Casey's the one in red... just like how their mother used to tell them apart :).

Casey and Lisa on top of a tower where the final product is allowed to drop. As it drops, it cools and forms the tiny balls called prill. What a great view, eh?

Jerry and I squished in the little elevator with Casey and Lisa. Can I tell you how the elevator was a little sketchy? It reminded me of something off a scary movie, especially when Casey had to keep slamming the door to ensure it closed properly so we wouldn't ultimately get stuck. Nice, eh?

Pit Shot with the prill.

Battle Mountain, NV

After we visited family in California, we packed up our things and headed to Battle Mountain NV. I was excited to see this town because... why on earth, I wondered, did our friends and family move to the middle of the desert?!?

Unfortunately we arrived in the dark and had to wait 'til the morning to see what Battle Mountain was all about. A trip that should've taken only 7 hours, took us 10. We're blaming it on all the California drivers who've never seen snow before. Would you believe that people were putting chains on their cars when there was NO snow on the roads and the sun was peeping through the clouds?? Crazy, I know. Jerry was a "wee" bit irritated :).

Sunday I figured out why everyone moved to this town. There's a great sense of community and friendship in the church, there's a low cost of living with good jobs to be had in the mines, and LOTS of open space for pursuing the hobbies they love... 4-wheeling!

The boys, Tys and James got along really well. It was fun to see them get to know eachother! Poor Tys wasn't feeling very well, but even so, he was a happy little guy!

Katie was never quite in the mood for a photo... but I still think she looks pretty cute. I thought it was darling how she liked to prepare a picnic with all her cups and saucers, etc... She'll be a good hostess someday!

Tys and his kid brother, Trent.

Tys and James.

This is me getting practice holding two little bambinos at once. Unfortunately, James didn't understand why I would want to hold a little baby when I had him. It'll be interesting to see what happens in May when his new little brother or sister arrives.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Visit to California

Jerry, James and I took a week off to visit our family out west. We flew into Reno, rented a Jeep and drove down to Modesto. What was supposed to take 3-4 hours, took us about 6 hours because of the snow. How is it that the most beautiful things in creation, are often the most dangerous if we misuse them? (Think snow, fire, water... and more!) I think there's a message there, but I won't get into it.
We had a lovely visit with Jerry's parents, as always. Unfortunately we didn't get a good shot of Mom playing with James... he was laughing up a storm! So darling. And James had no qualms cuddling up to his Grampa in the easy chair. :)
We were able to spend time with Grandma, as well as with Aunt Frances; both visits being very enjoyable. It reiterates how important family is!
AND Jerry and I were able to get a babysitter for an evening (Grandpa and Oma) so we could enjoy dinner out by ourselves. Dad even let us take the little red Triumph! It was kinda funny to watch Jerry fold himself into the car. He just fit! All that he needed more was goggles and a leather racing cap... heehee...
Me and my boy.
James and his great-grandma!

James and his grandpa.