Saturday, October 6, 2012

On our way to Idaho!

We have been planning this trip to Idaho for the past 2 years.  The day has finally come and we are off.  Last winter we invested in a motor home to make the trip with 4 little ones more manageable, and am I glad we did!  Dina, who was only 4 weeks old when we left, did fabulously.  She ate and slept, and when she was awake, she was quite content!  Love her :)  As for the boys, they did far better than I ever expected them too.  It was a long drive, 2 1/2 long days, but we made it.  We left Thursday at 5pm and arrived at Casey and Lisa's at about 9:30pm on Saturday.  We visited with them all Sunday and left Monday morning to meet Mom and Dad up in Donnelly for a week of camping.

Enjoying a snack of pears en route.
 This is how Dina traveled for most of the way.  She also would sit in the bouncy, which was constantly rocking her as we moved along the bumpy roads.
 Getting closer to the promised land.  This is in Wyoming, I believe.
A shot of "Devil's Slide".  Isn't this a crazy rock formation?  After explaining this site to James, he asked several times during the trip, "Wouldn't you like to climb up that mountain?  Then we could slide down!  Wouldn't that be fun?"  My only logical response was, "I don't think so; that would hurt an awful lot."

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