Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Portraits, 2009

The one and only... Jerry and Bernice Haveman!! Thank-you, thank-you very much :)

The ladies of the Haveman clan. Their beauty knows no description :)

And our stalwart men!

Our family portrait.

James loving on Lucas under Grandpa's watchful eye.

And here's the whole family. It doesn't get much better than this! And I mean that in all senses of the phrase :)

Poor Tys was over it. Doesn't matter how much you pay him, modeling is not in his future :) At least it wasn't that day.

Tys is trying to get away. And Trenton is tired of listening to it all :)

Now, from all three family portraits, I'm hoping people out there will give me their top choice so I'll know better which one to hang on the wall. I'll be anticipating your replies ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Swell Time in California!

A morning in the pumpkin patch, searching for just the right pumpkin.

Have you ever seen so many giant pumpkins in one place? We sure had our pick! Once all the pumpkins were loaded in the back of Dad's pick-up, we were off. The only problem was all the vines that got caught up under his truck. We were clearing a whole row out! So, just because we all like a little excitement in our day, Casey hooked his suberban up to Dad's pick-up and dragged him out. Where was Jerry's pick-up when we needed it, eh? :)

Here's the boat I've heard so many things about. Finally the boat of memories became reality. And what fun it was! We'll most certainly have to do that again. A day at the beach is fun anyway, but throw in a boat and it's fabulous!!

Casey catching some air.

Jerry, zooming side to side.

Marie in action :)

James wishing he could ride too.

Here's our little Trent... enjoying the sand and shade.

Tys wasn't always quite sure about it all, but ask him if he was having fun and he'd give a firm nod... "yes".

Miss Katie loved the water and watering the sand :)

James had a great time too, and now knows what a boat is!

( I love this photo sequence)... Tys, can you reach it?

Just a little further...

Grandma and her grandkids

I think I missed the punchline, but these boys thought something was awfully funny!

Playing at the splashpad in Ripon.

Katie kicking the water around.
Little Lucas hanging out

I think the Haveman men just have a thing for vehicles :)

We were able to celebrate James' second birthday while visiting Mom and Dad. I think by the time he got his cake he was pretty much done and in need of sleep :) But I know I enjoyed it :)
The visit to California was great. It was wonderful to see family and hang out everyone together. The memories are lasting and we hope to make many more next year... and the next year... and the next year... well, you get my point :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smiles at Play

Lucas is getting so strong and interactive. He didn't last too long in this jumper, but he started out having a good time!

James built a tower! I did help by adding supports to prevent it from being a leaning tower, but otherwise he did it all by himself!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lucas Rolled Over!

Lucas rolled over for the first time last night. Jerry and I were very proud of him, esp since the doc told me I should be working on it with him.... James saw how excited we got and got down on the floor next to Lucas, just as excited.

There's our little boy, who just rolled over! woohoo!

And check out this watermelon. Who knows what the circles are from (aliens?) The sun probably caused blisters and splitting; at least that's my theory.

The Wedding in New Jersey

Here they are, the happy couple... Marion and Russell :)

My handsome men all dressed up and ready to party!

Marion and me. Not my best photo... but what the heck, eh?
For those who don't know, Marion was my roommate in Palm Springs and turned into my friend for life. She has such a fun and friendly character with a no bull attitude that I love :) I wish her and Russell the very best!