Saturday, October 6, 2012

All summer long I have heard James ask to go fishing.  There are no easy places near our suburban home to go fishing, so it has been a summer of promises.  So the first day we had up in Donnelly, Jerry and I went to get our fishing licenses.  I think it was great :)  The first day, we just had a bunch of nibbles but nothing to show for it.  That night, one of the camp residents came to our camp to show James and Lucas the fish they had caught.  It was an 18" perch.  Now we knew there was fish to be had and we just needed to get 'em!  James was so excited that it was all he could think about.  In the middle of the night he awoke while I was nursing Dina and said, "I was dreaming about fishing.  We need to remember to pack a lunch..."  So funny.

James caught his fish!!  Sorry it was a bad photo; click on it and you can see the fish better.  We were so happy for him and he was so proud.  No we had to try and get the poor fish off the hook.  We managed.
 Jerry waits, and waits, and waits for the big one.
 I'm waiting too.
 After James makes his catch, he soon loses interest and has more fun playing in the sand with Lucas and Peter.
 Grandpa and Oma kicking back.
 Grandpa playing a bit of soccer with James.  They were pretty good ;)
Dinner is served!

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