Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Joys

Our Christmas with the Haveman family was via Skype and webcam. It worked out really well! We even got to see Grandma F. :) We were really spoiled there with sweets, great gifts and many smiles. James uses his drill... just to hear it whir, I think. He even snuck it into bed tonight while I was in the shower. The whirring gave him away, however:)
I've read "Smash Crash" over and over again, but had to put it away for now 'til I get some tape to fix the tear that can only happen to a book well read!
I had to take a photo of the boys with their blankets that Aunt Marie made, because James, when he sees the blanket, will give Lucas his and run to find his own. I thought it was darling how he cozied up next to Lucas that morning. I hope they always get along this well :)


We had a loverly family Christmas this year :)
Jerry almost had to work through the whole holiday, but the Lord was gracious and he was able to be home with us. So Christmas Eve we slept in, had a great breakfast and shared gifts with eachother. It was fun to see James understanding the idea of presents better and to watch his smiles and excitement.

VeggieTales!! James loves them. When the flyers were coming around pre Christmas he would study the toys and noticed the "Tales" from the Christian Bookstore flyer. So it begins.

Our best gifts ever are our little boys.

Little Lucas got a ball popper and James LOVES it! :) As of now, Lucas just loves to chew on the balls or anything else he can wrap his little fingers around.

Jerry got a pair of gloves, just in time for working long hours in the cold, cold weather.
On Christmas Day we were able to have dinner with the Bakker family after church. We got home at about 4pm and the apple cider wasn't even hot before Jerry got the phone call to go into work. He worked 'til 7am, then worked another 16 hour night on Saturday. Thankfully he was able to be home Sunday night, but is again working 16 hours today (Monday). I'm thankful for the overtime and the simple fact that he has a job... but I miss his company for sure! It made me realize how much I depend on him when I was 15 minutes late for church on Sunday :)

This is me happy happy because Jerry got me Romance for Christmas.
The perfume you silly! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Snow Snow!

Jerry and James headed outside after Jerry got home today and built a snowman!

Lucas stayed in with me and enjoyed the warmth :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Snapshots

James is my official schlicker. When I start to cook and pull out a spoon... there he is "lick? lick?" So in this photo... he's licking some sour cream:) We decided I need to make him a more manly apron, though, if he's going to be helping in the kitchen ;)

We finally put up our Christmas decorations and I think they are B-E-A-U-tiful!

There's my men. Do you like our little stocking stuffer?

Christmas in Canada

We headed up to Canada a couple weekends ago to celebrate Christmas with the Hanemaayer family. I love going up, but then... I'm a wee bit partial :) All my life my family has avoided exchanging gifts at actual Christmas time. The tradition in Holland has "Santa Claus" on December 5th. St. Nicholas visits the children with his helper, Black Peter. He rides on a horse and the children would leave carrots and such for the horse in their wooden shoes by the door. So, because everyone has other families to share Christmas with, my family has opted to stick to the 5th for our gift exchange and feast :)
My parents were able to clean up a good portion of the basement (obviously not finished) so all could eat around a table.

James sporting an eggnog mustache... Mmmm!

James receiving his gift on St Nick's lap.

Lucas receiving his gift.