Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Trip to Gun Lake, Michigan

Because Jerry took a day off to come to our new babe's ultrasound, we decided to take the long weekend and camp.  It was Easter weekend and the weather was beautiful!!

And we're off!  This was our first time taking the motor home with the Blazer in tow.  It was a fun ride and the boys all did well.  Mostly they stayed in their seats and napped.  It was about a 3-4 hour drive up to Gun Lake, MI where we were staying.


One of our first stops was Walmart.  We bought James and Lucas each a fishing pole, which was great.  Our site backed up to a finger of the lake and so, every chance they got, they were casting their rubber fishes into the lake.  Lucas was good at getting everything tangled, but James really got the hang of it in a hurry.  Next time we'll have to get a hook and lures and send him out to catch our dinner.  :)

Our site.  The crumby thing about camping in highly populated areas is that you have neighbours.  At least it wasn't too busy when we went (the park wasn't officially opened) and the neighbours we did have were nice.

See the man in the waders in the photo on the left?  James accidentally "caught" him when he was casting out. Good thing it was just a rubber fish and not a hook!

Because it was Easter weekend, we had to decorate some eggs.   I forgot the vinegar so the colours weren't too vibrant, but the boys were amused still.  Besides, they just decorated them with stickers.

Check out the swan!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Visit From Mom and Dad Hanemaayer

My parents came to visit the end of March and so we took a trip into the city.  Our first stop was the Field Museum, it was pretty neat!  I want to try and get back before the mummy display moves on.  The main draw this time was Sue the T-Rex.  She's the largest dinosaur skeleton around that's so well intact.  Pretty impressive!  The museum also had a children's area that was more hands on which was fun for the boys.
After we had enough browsing (quite exhausting, you know) we went for a driving tour of downtown Chicago.  Jerry has certainly improved his city driving habits and my stomach was left in the lurch.  :)  But we made it safe and sound to UNO's Pizzeria, home of the original Chicago Style Pizza.  I've had a couple different variations on deep dish pizza, as has Jerry, but UNO's is definitely the best of them all!!  Very fun and yummy.  And even though the wait was about 2 hours, no worries... we went shopping :)  Bloomingdales was right across the street so that was fun, and the Harley Davidson store was just a block away.  Good times!
Too bad Jerry had the camera... no photos of him :(

We found some old photos and I thought I'd share them with you...

At the auto show.  We went to see what would be a good car for our growing family and decided on a buick enclave.  Unfortunately, that may remain a dream as Jerry found a neat jumper seat we can fit into the Tahoe to get by for a bit.  James also found his dream vehicle: the Suburban.  Why?  Because it has TWO TVs :)  The above photo is in front of a  wheel of an army truck that was on display.  Anything bigger than normal is worth a photo... the only photo we took!

Darling giggles.

It was a cuter moment when he didn't realize I was going to take a photo and he was actually looking at what Jerry was doing.  Great little helpers... sort of.

Getting to work on clean-up.

Checking out the insides.

Thought you might wonder where Lucas was.  I have no idea, but thought this photo was a good excuse. ;)