Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the Road Again!

 The day we left Idaho was James' birthday, September 24th.  To help celebrate, we had donuts for breakfast.

Craters of the Moon
 As we passed through eastern Idaho, we stopped at Craters of the Moon nat'l park.The land is basically a lava field; black rock fom previous eruptions.  Very interesting!

A close up of the lava rock.

The Grand Tetons
 We stopped for the night at a rest area.  Jerry woke up first, drove a wee bit and came upon these views.  Beautiful aren't they?

Yellowstone National Park

 We made it to Yellowstone!!  And what did we see more than anything?  Puffs of steam rising from the earth from various geysers.
 Here we are at Old Faithful. We arrived at the perfect time... just before it was expected to go off.
And there she blows!!
 Check out the bald eagle.  We only saw it because everyone was stopped.
 We then saw Elk right beside the road.
 Then we saw Bison.
 Here's a small geyser.
 The Yellowstone Grand Canyon.

 Can you see the rock perched on the peak?  Crazy, isn't it that it hasn't just rolled off!

 The waterfall at the end of the canyon.
 Collecting rocks from the drill holes in the rock.

 Mud pots, bubbling mud.
 Peter was so tired from all that walking he fell asleep before he could finish his cheeto.
 More views of the park.
More bison.
We've now left Yellowstone.  Isn't it sad to see all the dead trees?

 We're now in S. Dakota... nearing Mt Rushmore.  Aren't the colours beautiful?

Mt Rushmore
 And there are the faces in the mountainside : Washington, Addams, Roosevelt, and Lincoln.

 Love this!  Why can't our presidents say this now?  Now they all talk about furthering the debt so you can have free handouts. 
 Mountain goat.
 My love!  Doesn't he look hot in that hat of his?
 In the black hills.  I never knew S. Dakota was this pretty.

 A view from the hills of the monument.

The Badlands
 Can you believe this is the landscape outside of the Black Hills?  How is this possible?

An Original Old Sod Home
Jerry, James and Lucas got out to visit this sod house in S. Dakota.  Pretty cool eh? (I stayed behind with our sleeping beauties)

 The parlour was added on to the sod house.
 See the mud walls?  Even if you kept this place spic nd span, would it be?

 A prairie dog in the prairie.
 Endless miles of corn.

Along the Mississippi

Check out the views!!