Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter has Finally Come!!

The balmy days could not last forever.  The good Lord has promised that even winter will never cease!  Yay!!  Because I do love to see the snow fall and cover all the dead brown grass and brush... and I love to see the wonder on the boys' faces as they watch it fall.

James with his snow angel.
Lucas :)

I was mean and didn't let Peter out, though he really wanted to be out.  But I tried before and with all the pants and mitts and hat... the poor child can't stay upright for more than 10 seconds.  And he was loosing his boots last time.  Maybe next time.  I know, I'm a wimp.

Balmy Days in January

We've been having such beautiful weather the past few weeks that you can't help but make yourself get out and enjoy it.  I say "make yourself", because I think my body hibernates in the winter without anyone realizing it.  I make excuses that it's far too cold to be outside unless there's something active to do... even then I give great pause.  But when it's 50 degrees in January, there's no excuse not to venture out.  Many of you might know that in front of our house there is a path that leads to some ponds.  They're working to make the area accessible to the public.  This is where we walked to.  Pretty nice, eh?  And right in our backyard.  Love it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in America

On Christmas Eve eve, Santa visited our house!  (Because you know he can't possibly make it to everyone's house for Christmas morning, so we make him a deal that's a win-win situation)  In the morning the boys stood in awe before the tree... "Mom!  Santa came and left presents!!"  So hard was the wait to open; but they waited ever so patient.

Unfortunately, colds dominated our week... and beyond.  We had been invited out for Christmas, but had to stay home. :(  It was a lovely Christmas meal of reheated beans and pork on Christmas day for us.  But the company of eachother is the real blessing, isn't it?  And understanding, then, the love of God for us.  Welcome, then, His Child!