Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lucas' Baptism Day

On June 21st, 2009, Lucas was officially welcomed into God's Covenant by the sign and seal of Baptism. What a wonderful promise of grace we have in Christ; and not just for ourselves, but a promise we can and must share with our children. Mom and Dad Haveman were able to come out to witness the baptism and share in the celebrations :)
The little star of the day.

A view to show off the hand made gown.

James being a little monkey...

James loves to squeeze little Lucas and Lucas tolerates it relatively well!


Parents, Grandparents and our little darling boys.

This is the best family photo out of 5. Sheesh. Better luck next time!

Oma, Grandpa, and little Lucas on his baptism day.

The Haveman men.


Future ComEd worker... Jerry's pride and joy!
We're seeing if he measures up to the mountain dew bottle :)... he's got a bit to go!

A Visit from Family

John and Anne with their 6 kids made the 8 hour trip down to visit us. I had a fabulous time and I'm sure they had a pretty good time too :). We spent relaxing days enjoying the sun, as well as a day to the Museum of Science and Industry, a day at the pool, and a day going shopping... where John and Anne bought a Wii for the kids, and for them ;). The Wii was really alot of fun!

Samuel and James became great friends and played really well together. James loved Samuels toy car from "Cars" and Samuel loved James' push toy, Thomas the Train. I think over all they shared quite well!

Rachel with Lucas who, to her delight, fell fast asleep on her lap.

The kids enjoying the trampoline. I'm glad we had it (a leftover from the previous owners).

While the man power was here, Jerry was able to chop down two trees. John offered manly support and a bit of advise and the kids were put to work by John later to clean up the smaller branches into nice piles. That was a great gift of time to Jerry and we are thankful!

Jerry's climbing high! Even on his days off he can't get enough of heights ;)